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Carnival by chance?

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I think it's my command of english failing me Glen, :oops: Of course Carnival is lustre! This is a bit different though - it's heavier-looking, though I know you can get very heavily covered Carnival. It's almost shinier than Carnival, but in the sense of being polished smoother.
(I know what I mean....)

Forgive me in advance, pleeeeeeez, Sue. But Carnival can have all sorts of iridescent effects.....heavy, rich, smooth, crinkly, radium, silvery, light, thick, stretchy and so on. It can be "polished" and it can be "rough" to the touch.


If it is Chance would it not be slump not pressed?


Glen, I'll forgive you anything!

I'll put a post it on my screen:- "ensure brain is in gear before posting"

I think Frank has hit the nail on the head - the finish is of slumped, not pressed, glass.  (IGMC :oops: )

:lol:  Sue  :lol:

But heck, if I put a post-it on my screen saying "ensure brain is in gear before posting" I would never post!  :oops:  

Glen  :lol:


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