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who's the designer

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i've seen one of these on ebay at $160, this one measures 10.5" high

Looks very Tamara Aladin to me. Nanny Still or Helena Tynell are other possibilities.

But I would definitely say from the Riihimaen Lasi stable.

That is a whopping price :shock:  :shock:

Hiya, yes I agree with Della, it's definitely Riihimaki - either Nanny Still or Tamara Aladin - but I'd say the price was rather steep.  Here they vary from £20 to £50 depending on the shape, size, thickness of the casing and of course condition. It's very nice though - I have lots of these types of 'lantern' vases in different colours in my eBay shop (although not this actual shape).

thanks both of you, the glass is 6mm thick

Hi Ray,

I have one in the same colour different style and the rim is also 6mm thick.

This colour is one of my favourites. I love the shape of yours :mrgreen:


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