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Lots of bumps and lots of topics have been cleaned and moved to our Glass Archive forum. You cannot post there, so any questions on topics in the archive should be made in the glass forum starting with a link to the archived topic.

In general, the topics in the archives have been resolved or discussion has just ended.

A lot of topics with no images or contactable posters for restoring images have been removed... except where the topic contained useful information that did not rely on the image for reference.

Hi Frank,
I read a couple yesterday, and in this one;,755.0.html

Anne's photo doesn't correlate with the link given to it.

I read it too. I also emailed Anne about it while letting her know about some candlesticks I could identify for her

Hi folks, I cannot update the image link in Archive as only mods can post in there...  :cry:  Frank, can you amend the image link to this please:

Christine, thanks for your mail - received safely tonight thanks. Have been offline for almost two days due to a serious hardware failure which necessitated a major network dismantling and rebuild. Has kept us busy for the last day or so... hence me being quiet - no internet access!  :roll: I'll update the gallery entry for the oval candlesticks asap. :)



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