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Any idea on the maker of this bobbly ashtray?

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It's here on Ebay, and I'm thinking of adding it to my collection.

Hi Simone, it is not my kind of glass anyway, so feel safe - I'm not going to bid on it. The photos - hmm - could it be Walther Driburg also?

My first thought was Walther too Simone.   :)

Simone - I have an identical one sitting on my kitchen windowsill waiting to be listed - I was intending to ask on here who made it - you've saved me the bother.  I bought it in Woking about a month ago - I'll watch the auction now to get an idea of price - ta very much :-)

I have this marked as a watch. It has thas cz feel, but is not right.
Please let me know if you buy and discover who made these.
I have a number of similar items being watched, all for the same reason, could-be, but I have a hunch many are not SU......


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