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Bowl by Iittala, Finland?

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Anne E.B.:

Almost certain this is Iittala, Finland - possibly by Tapio Wirkkala?
Can anyone confirm please.  Many thanks :wink:

May well be Iitala, but I've seen a very similar bowl which I think was by Hoganas Glasbruk, also from Finland.

Hi Anne,
Sorry, I can't find it in my book. There are similar ones, but not this one. :cry:

Anne E.B.:
Thanks Paul and Della.  Hoganas Glasbruk is a new one for me - haven't been able to turn anything up for them yet though (sounds like my fave. icecream :P  )
Della - I've been unable to find anything to confirm it actually is Iittala.  I've seen the bowl described as such a couple of times recently, c.70s.  I think I can safely discount Dartington.  It has a Scandi feel.  I've got an ultima thule bowl, and it has the same Scandi feel as that one.

Hi Anne,
I have the book 'Designlasin hintakirja' in which it states that it contains all known art glass production of Tapio Wirkkala (and others). It is a little naive in the drawing department, but quite specific on measurements.
The bowl shown, similar to yours, does not have the bowl raised on a base (if you know what I mean). Could I possibly have the measurements of your bowl? Then I can compare them to those in the book for you. :)  :)


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