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American site focusing on Glass Manufacturer's Marks (Bottles, etc)


I'm posting this here in case my site might be of interest to anyone trying to identify (primarily) American-made bottles and glassware. The main focus is on utilitarian bottles (antique and modern) and the glassmakers' marks found on them, but some basic info/ summaries also on other types of glass including Depression, EAPG, American electrical insulators, Carnival glass, antique fruit jars, etc.   There are three webpages listing "Glass Manufacturer's marks on bottles & other glassware" (links along right side of page, such as: Glass Bottle Marks - 3") as well as other pages with discussion on various glass companies and types of glass.  Thank you very much!  David

Welcome to the Board, David,

Looks like a very thorough and informative set of pages.


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