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Whitefriars confirmation please.

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Hi all,i have to admit to being disappointed when i picked it up because it is so light and there was no Scandinavian signature of any sort ???,but after hours trawling the intoe i'm fairly sure it's Whitefriars soda glass midnight blue colour from 62,17cm ish ht it sits well and i like the form but i'm guessing not the sexy Whitefriars everybody is after,any thoughts many thanks.

I would give it a yes they also made a table lamp with a teak base for Heals in that Pattern I have one .
The Lamp is rare ish I only know of two Emmi has the other one .

Many thanks John.

Yes! I had one of these in amethyst. :) Like yours mine also had a pontil mark -and when I asked on W/ I was told that there were a few of these made in full lead crystal which are the ones with the pontil marks, whereas the later soda ones don't have that and they are much lighter. It's heavy, yes?

No it's light,interesting Anne, so the soda glass didn't have a pontil,i just took it for granted when something is mould blown it would have a pontil of some sort plus and i did find one described as Wf soda glass with a ground pontil >:(,did you ever find out who made yours.


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