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Železný Brod , Janku and Mastnik?

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Hi - I have just made my first foray into Czech glass.
I bought a whole collection of 7 Czech "watery"creatures - unfortunately they were not well packed and 3 were broken on arrival. I lost a large yellow dolphin and 2 "angel"type fish, one blue one yellow - so disappointed.  And no come back as it was a private sale. Seller tells me she is not responsible for the post!

However the 4 that are intact are stunning. I have a neodymium Eel - approx 45 cm long, a yellow Shark - approx 40 cm long, what I think is an Axolotl? in green approx 30 cm long, and the pink swordfish approx 40 cm long.

I had thought they would all be Janku - and 3 of them are so signed - but the swordfish is marked what looks like Mastnik.
Can anyone please advise me of pattern details and approx dates for these. - and who or what is Mastnik? I have tried to photograph the signature but as the glass is so clear cannot get a decent picture - camera won't focus on the letters!

A complete newbie to Czech glass - always tried to avoid it as I knew I'd be sucked in - just what I need - a new collecting obsession Doh!


Hello Jak!!  May we see a picture of the 'Mastnik' signature please,  as seeing it might help a lot, try rubbing a little talc in it to see if that helps.
Could it possibly be Miloslav Klinger??
Thanks.  Rosie.  :)

Thanks Rosie

The talc helped.
some images attached.

I don't think it says Klinger - please see what you see  ;D


Hi - I posted this a couple of years ago now. I still cannot find out anything about Mastnik - wondered if anyone has come across anything since this was first posted?

I have a solid clear whale about 12+cm long with what looks just like your MASTNIK signature on the bottom. No luck finding anything about it.


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