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Twists Glass - Incalmo Perfume Bottle

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Was in the UK over your summer - visited Edinburgh and the National Museum of Scotland, and just had to buy this while I was there.

Just for show and tell!

I love the colours - it was also available in a red/purple combination I think - but I preferred this one.  signed by Mike Hunter and dated 2010

Lovely piece by a lovely and incredibly talented maker.

I agree. I think it's stunning.  Thanks!

He was giving demonstrations during the Edinburgh Conference.

I was particularly ticked pink by his use of an old-fashioned bone handled table knife as a tool.
I use those sorts of knives daily, I love them.

His philosophy was that there is no right or wrong way to do anything - you just use or do what works.

He makes similar as a vase too:

A superb glass maker Mr Hunter.



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