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Royal Brierley night light.


Paul S.:
Not an area that I collect or know anything about, and only just discovered that use of the term 'fairy light' derives from an embossed fairy on the base of the original Clarke pieces.............. which is a roundabout way of saying I assume this one must be called simply a night light, although perhaps the Clarke description has become a sort of generic description for such items.

Obviously very modern - orange casing over clear for the shade, and there's a label and backstamp on both the base and shade.    Large ground pontil under the base.            Overall height is about 4.3/8" (112 mm).

Wouldn't have thought there'd been a practical use for these things in the closing years of the C20, so do people think this was made simply as a novelty for collectors or maybe sold to backwoods dwellers who aren't yet on mains power. ;)            I appreciate that RB have now gone, and assume this made 1970 - 1980 somewhere  -  is that about right??                  Thanks for looking :)

Like that Paul,first I've seen,the mark is the same as on the Royal Brierley 'Art Glass' range which if I'm right puts it towards the end of the 80's-early 90's,I'm meeting someone who worked for R.B'y next week,hopefully, so would you mind if I copied the image to show to him, ;D

Paul S.:
thanks Keith  -  no problem with using these pix  -  if you want more, or better copies do let me know, and look forward to any further information you might discover.    :)

Thanks Paul,I'll get back with any info' they might have,the label is not one I've seen before either,reminds me of this piece for some reason, ::) ;D ;D


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