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Edward Moore RD.58275 - jug & sugar in "Caramel"

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Anne E.B.:
For interest, two very nice pieces made by Edward Moore & Co. both with impressed RD.58275 (7th October 1886), in their "Caramel" colour.
The footed bowl is described as a "sugar" on a website of English glass, but is shown in flint. 
I've never come across this colour before.  Its quite delicious ;)

Please feel free to put it in the Gallery :)

Paul S.:
very nice indeed Anne - Mr. Green here :)            Lattimore shows a picture of the sugar in caramel, and says 'rare'.

Very desirable, Anne.

Here is how they usually seen - clear glass, with a comport and two-handled bowl in the same pattern.

(Permission for the re-use of the image of the creamer on the GMB granted by trebor3944, and the pedestal sugar or sweetmeat by greenpeace2010).

The only other colour that I have seen Edward Moore pieces in is an opaque white.


Moore also made an interesting blue-green opaque glass.


Paul S.:
thanks Sid.              According to Slack, Moore patented two new colours in March 1887  -  one was patent No. 4822 for the colour which we now call caramel brown - presumably the same colour of Anne's pieces above.

The other patent is No. 4821 and was described by Ed. Moore as "an opaque glass of a soft shade of green ....similar to what is termed 'Celadon' in porcelain manufacture...........   I believe he later called this colour 'Eau de Nil', and the specification shows this to have contained uranium oxide.

Might this be the colour you mention?


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