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Modern glass cocktail ID, please


I've been trying for a while to get a handle on this martini glass.  3 1/2" tall, 5" diameter.  Blown with a  polished lip. The gold is a paint on the outside of the foot.   I'm guessing 1950s - 60s, but have nothing other than look to base that on.  Any clues, or any suggestions as to which direction to look regarding age, maker or even country of origin?  Thanks for looking.


First reaction was that glue would be the only way of getting a handle on it :? but you did not want to hear that :oops:

My second thought was German as I have some gilded glasses from the 50's that are positively German and have a not wildly different shape except they are stemmed with normal feet.

This certainly looks to have had a strong designer influence so someone else might actually know, I'll be watching closely.


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