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Sowerby pattern 1352 IQW candlestick, RD 329376 of 20 November 1878.


A Sowerby pattern 1352 candlestick in Ivory Queen’s Ware. The pattern appears on page 13 of their pattern book XI (1885), which only gives it in a single size, 6¼ inches tall. It is from Sowerby’s registered design number 329376, registered on 20 November 1878 – Parcel 11.

(Permission for the re-use of these images on the GMB granted by Mick Davey).

Uncommon enough to sell for £312.99 on eBay recently.

I can’t recall haven’t seen a photograph of another example anywhere.


More photos.


Paul S.:
probably an uncommon item ordinarily  -  but to find it in this u. form is a bit special, and undamaged is a bonus.           Just think what a pair might have fetched. :)       Very nice piece.


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