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ID Help please on aSingle Bubble Crystal Wine Carafe/Vase

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Does anyone have a clue as to who might have made this beautiful crystal art glass piece?  This goodie has been suggested as being made by Iitalia, Finland but the ones found are not like this one on the base above the bubble. Their pieces slope upwards whereas this one is flat on the bottom of the carafe or vase. It is 9.5" tall and holds one quart of liquid. It is a heavy piece weighing in at two and a half pounds Any input is greatly appreciated.

Hi antiquenana,

I think this is Polish. Krosno Bonny.

If I am wrong, I am sure that I will be corrected.  :D

I was thinking along similar lines Della.  Antiquenana?  It's useful if you add your location alongside your name...I'm guessing you're in the States as you mentioned a 'quart'?

Hi Max, :lol:

Now I know that I am learning something here then :lol:

These are the only pictures that I can find for comparison.
They seem to sell well here in the Netherlands.

Hi Max & Della, thank you so very much for your super quick and accurate responses. By golly, you nailed the maker and pattern.  :D  Now to figure out if it is used for a wine carafe or a flower vase??? It may be up to an individual. Wonder if there is a site that has these items priced? I have seached to no avail. Again, thank you both. Antiquenana


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