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Murano Cenedese barmini or Licata ? Aquarium fish block Sculpture info please?


Hi, I've got an aquarium block sculpture that i believe is a Gino Cenedese Murano piece. It's not marked and doesn't have a label, but I have tried researching it and keep coming back to Canedese. The detailed fish body is scattered with fine gold/silver inclusions or flecks and the fins are made of fine white lines (Zanfinco?). The seaweed is multi coloured ribbons and further green coloured strands that blends into the base colour of the lower portion of the glass. It measures 4.5" wide x 3.5" tall by 1.5" deep. I was hoping for a positive id please and info about if it is by Riccardo Licata or Alfredo Barbini please as googling both names brings up these types of blocks? Thank you :)       

Hi there.

IMHO, I would say Murano - but that is just my opinion. 

Just wondering - IS Murano (when signed)  always on the bottom?  Anyone know if anything Murano is ever signed on the lower Side of a piece??  Just a question...  ???


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