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Nazing or Whitefriars Vase and Dish? Confused Again!

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Hi All,

My latest finds include these two, and as I have had trouble with Nazing before, I would like some comments please, as they are similar but also very different :?

The vase is a dark blue/green and some of the blue can be seen in the base, and it has Celery on the side. It is very heavy for its size and is similar to the cloudy vases made by Whitefrairs in the 1930's, as well as Nazing of the same time period :(

The mushroom dish is a much brighter green, and not so heavy. It too has a ground pontil and the bubbles but looks very different.

I am well confused :?  Barbara

Cathy B:
I don't think the vase is WF, but hopefully one of the more expert people can hop in and answer that for you.

I have the mushroom dish and I'm pretty certain it's Nazing. It's exactly the same shape as yours, but a less vibrant green. I think Frank had an example of the Nazing green in a bowl which he thought was ugly - I wonder whether he still has the photos?

Hi Cathy,

I've dug my Nazing book out form under my bed (don't ask, but have found half a washer full, no wonder husband can't find socks) and I think they both might be Nazing, it was just the complete difference in colour.


That style of colouring was regarded as Nazeing until Nigel suggested some possible alternative origins - until he publishes the research we will remain in the dark on these. The only ones that can be identified as Nazeing are the exact matches to the catalogue images in Geoff's book.

Hi Frank,

Thats why I asked :wink: , as I know that Geoff and Nigel often "agree to disagree" on what might be what!



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