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Glen, do you get clear Carnival Glass objects?

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Hi Glen,

I have bought this weird item, which looks like a cross between Cleopatra's needle and Blackpool tower (can't spell Eiffel), and altough it is clear glass is has a carnival sheen to it, which shines up blue, green, purple and yellow. The only way to descibe it is to say it looks like petrol on water.

The weird thing, with what looks like writing down the front, but I can't make it out.

Weird thing trying to show the colouring.

I wonder if it was a paperweight, even though it is hollow!

( had a VERY rude comment about it from 18 year old daughter :oops: , didn't know she knew such words :wink: )


It is lightly iridised. Perhaps the 'letters' are poorly moulded Hieroglyphics, models of Cleopatra's needle were mass produced in a variety of materials - mostly cheap souvenir quality circa 1878 and again in the 20's as Egyptmania developed. Some are good copies others are just stylised fantasies seemingly put together from memory or even a verbal description. I used to get quite a fe through my hands when I had my shop. I still have a nice one made from various coloured stones and marble.

They could also be mdae in US as another obelisk is in Central Park, it is different to the one in London. You should be able to find images with Google and then decide which one it was modelled after, if either - that will give a clue to origin. Or not  :roll:

Yes there is clear Carnival Glass. It is clear (crystal) base glass with a pastel iridescence that shows light pink, green gold tones. (For information, marigold Carnival is also on clear base glass, but the iridescence is "orange").

It is not often seen, but Imperial, for example, did make some clear Carnival. If the iridescence is frosted, then it becomes white Carnival.

I haven't seen an item like yours before - and it's fascinating. What a super "find".


Hi Glen,

It is really unusual, and when the light catches it right, also very pretty.

It was pouring with rain yesterday, and this one still seemed to "glow".

I don't think I can keep it though, what with Vicky asking if the hollow middle was where the batteries go :oops:  :oops: . She must get it from her Dad :lol:


Mosser makes it too and calls it "crystal carnival"


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