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Decorative Victorian Glass by Cyril Manley, 1981 first and 1988 revised editions


Bernard C:
My Manley is the first edition of 1981 with the epergne illustrated on the dustwrapper.   The revised edition of 1988 has a dark blue dustwrapper with just words on it.

What is the difference between the two editions?

In particular, if I were to refer to the ruby opalescent Brocade lamp oil dispenser as item 225 on page 84, would the reference in the revised edition be the same, have a different item number, be on a different page, or both?

I don't often look at Manley as it makes my head hurt.   The attributions are a third of a century out of date, and we have come a long way since then.   However it will always be a useful source of illustrations, and, if you are careful, the text can be useful in places.   I suggest the newcomer is better equipped with Gulliver, which has a much more realistic application of the "Don't Know" attribution to fancy glass.

Bernard C.  8)

That particular item is the same in the 1988 edition, which has actually has items 154 (a bit of Gray-Stan) and 185 (I think he's saying its bit of Webb) on the front cover, not just words.

Bernard C:
Christine grateful thanks, and thanks for the correction on the appearance of the revised edition.

Of course any book reference should always include a note as to the edition of the work you are using.

Bernard C.  8)

Paul S.:
I suspect that 'the newcomer' would be put off both by the price of Gulliver, and its more formal academic presentation, so would choose Manley for its visual appeal and price  -  it's unlikely they would be aware of its short-comings in the area of provenance.

Looking on Abe Books, copies of Manley range from under a tenner to a whopping 230 quid for a revised edition from the plated no doubt  - and there seem to be plenty to choose from.
Gulliver is far less common, and as you'd imagine - being a Schiffer production  -  most copies are in the States.      Prices start at a little over 40 and run up to just over eighty quid.

As with some many things in life, early in our collecting forray we tend to acquire books without researching if it's really what is best for us.
Only later, having bought a shed-load of books do we discover which are the more useful and reliable ones. :'(


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