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Is this Davidsons Pearline Glass or not?

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I brought these from a lady at a Carboot as I'm wanting to start collecting glass items.
The lady said these were by davidson and were from a collection called pearline.
Was she having me on? And could anyone else give me an idea on age or further details?

Please view them here:

Thanks in advance


They look the same as these one's on this link.

Hope this helps.  :)

Yes, it is Davidson's Blue Pearline. It may have a Registered Design Number moulded onto the glass - the number should be 217752. It was registered on 6th September 1893. Davidson was a renowned British company located in Tyneside.

The pattern was called "Prince William" by the US writer William Heacock.

What a lovely buy! Congratulations. You couldn't hope to start glass collecting in a better way.


While I was writing my answer, Tigerchips posted. Sorry to be superfluous!


Oops, sorry Glen.  :oops:

I Love this blue and yellow pearline but I can never find any in the charity shops.  :lol:


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