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Is this Davidsons Pearline Glass or not?

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Oooo no, Tigerchips. Don't say sorry! I didn't mean it like that.  :oops: It was just a bit funny as I sounded like an echo. I wouldn't have posted if your message had been there when I began to write. I was checking up Heacock's "Glass Collector" journals where he set out his choice of names for the pearline range, and also getting the date for the RD number. So my fingers weren't fast enough doing the typing.  :lol:

I guess twice the info is better than no info at all.  :lol:


I should add that I also LOVE Davidson's Pearline. We've been collecting it for many years now and have some very unusual shapes. We have both blue and yellow (Primrose).

And I have never found any in either a charity shop or a boot sale (where's the sob sob kingdom for a sob sob emoticon).


I picked this up from the carboot and I paid £10 not sure if its a good price though?  :?:

I was concerned they were modern pieces!

But I've now found the Rd numbers inside the bottoms!

I'm sooo excited, hopefully I can carry on finding lovely items!

I love the colours and texture they're a fantastic pair and I'm really chuffed  :lol:

Welcome to glass collecting - you certainly got off to a good start :D

It's a great price, which of the Essex boots did you find em at, please don't tell me Weeley or Clacton, just curious.


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