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Paul S.:
I shall be at Kew tomorrow morning, and hope to retrieve pix for all of the outstanding items presently in the Look Up requests.
I have Kew references for most of the items, but would request please that Fred provides the Kew Representation Ref. - i.e. the BT No. - for Rd. Nos. 719074 and 726384 (1926 and 1927).

No matter if not possible before tomorrow - these two can wait until the next occasion I visit.

Thank you, Paul.

As to the last 2 RD numbers - 719074 and 726384:
if I understand the system correctly,
719074 is BT 53/96
726384 is BT 53/98.


Paul S.:
thanks Fred  -  sounds o.k., and will know for sure tomorrow. :)

Paul, I’ve put both sets of references for each RD number into TNA catalogue and they seem to encompass the required RD numbers:
“719074 (16.02.1926) .... the Representation is BT 52/1145..........and Register is BT 53/51............and

for 726384  (06.01.1927)  ... the Representation is BT 52/1198.........and Register is BT 53/52”

I was obviously doing something wrong with the online search for the registers before so I will have another shot at a self-tutorial session tonight.

Sorry about the failure to remove completed RDs 336315 and 252823 from the GMB RD lookup requests list. Shortly after you posted the last batch of lookup items, I was sure I contacted the moderators (as usual) for each item requesting them to “Please delete the entry - the lookup has been satisfactorily completed and posted” (or words to that effect), but those two numbers seem to have slipped through the net somehow. In future, I will try and be more vigilant in checking that ALL completed lookup requests have, in fact, been deleted from the list.


Paul S.:
thanks Fred  -  it does take a little practise to get the hang of the Kew system. :)

For those Rd. Nos. contained within very long series of BT references, I've come to the conclusion the quickest way is to make some mental comparison between the ranges of both sets of Nos.  -  the idea being to judge roughly where the Rd. No. in question might occur.
Hopefully, having landed somewher near the Rd. No. you want, it's then trial and error adjustment to fine tune to the exact BT No. required.

This method seems to be about the best I can think of  -  the altenative is to wade through every consecutive Kew page until the required one is reached  -  and this can be very time consuming (which is why I asked you for help last evening) ;)

As I'm a bit thick and lacking in computer literacy, there may well be a quicker method that I've yet to find  -  if there is then someone might let me know, please. :)


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