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Victorian Vaseline - Not an Audrey - but where & when ma


I call this little find 'Not an Audrey', because it hasn't got 'thorns' or 'tree-root feet'.  However, she is a bit Audrey-like  :roll:  and I wonder where and when she was made?
The bowl appears to be uranium (or some other UV reactive  :twisted: ) glass, while the stem and foot is not.  

Does the stemware-style foot and knop indicate a later date than the 'root' feet?  I was sold this with a label saying c1910, wheras I tend to think of my other 'Audreys' and 'Triffids' as being c1880.  Or am I expecting too much precision in dating these types of glass?  :oops:  :roll:

Also, I admit I always tended to think Stourbridge, but since people have said this sort of glass object was also made in 'Bohemia'  :twisted:  :roll:  I just don't know any more  :shock:  :?   Are their ways to tell?  Other than seeing an exact copy in a catalogue, I mean   :?  

BTW, I found this one at Dagfields while visiting son, d-i-l & grandchildren at the weekend.  I love Dagfields!   :D

So it's your fault we had dodgy weather up here :evil: It's very nice Leni :mrgreen:

Thanks Christine  :D   BTW, we had wonderful weather!  Well, a little bit of rain late on Friday afternoon, but otherwise fantastic!  

I've edited the title of this thread, in case people don't know about my collection of 'Audreys' yet  :oops:  :roll:

Not that I usually get much response re my Victorian Vaseline!   :(  Is it only me, thee, and Mr Vaseline Glass interested in this sort of thing?   :?  :shock:

Well, more for us, I suppose  :twisted:  :lol:

I'm interested in Vaseline as well Leni, but I rarely see any around here at a price I'm prepared to pay.Most of mine is later than Victorian though.


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