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Topaz Crackle Glass Lemonade Set


Marie Chauvin:
Hi All
I was hoping you could help identify this lemonade set I have.  It's a 7 piece set with the pitcher and six glasses.  I believe it's Topaz in color and it's crackle glass.  I wonder if anyone can identify the maker or estimate its age.  The pitcher is in good shape but it's the lid that may have a problem.  I can actually insert the tip of my fingernail in a couple of places on the top of the lid.  I'm not sure if this constitues a crack or if it's normal with crackle glass.  The inside of the lid is smooth without cracks.

The pitcher stands 9 inches tall and the glasses stand 5 1/2 inches tall.  Any help with identification and value would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks much

Not Tiffin, although they did make crackle covered pitchers.


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