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Swingewood - Great Great Grandson


I am the Great Great Grandson of Bill Swingewood snr.  I am looking for any lamp work made by him.

In particular any of the hunting goblets? Broken damaged, chipped, scratched, it doesn't matter. If you have anything i'd be interested.

Regards - Paul

I've got a tiny horse, but I don't know if it's your grandfather's work or not.
I bought it at the same time, in the same place as a tiny lampwork black poodle. (A charity shop - so they both might have simply come from somebody who liked tiny animals, not necessarily by the same maker.)

The tail worries me, it's 2 bits of glass sticking out in a tail-like manner, not one, the mane doesn't look right and neither do the angles of the legs. They curve in an unrealistic manner. I don't know if it's supposed to be cantering or galloping or even doing some peculiar "dressage" moves!

I have my doubts it's good enough to be his work, but more likely to be something by somebody your grandfather was perhaps teaching, because it's the right sort of style.
I don't have any photographs yet, but if the sun gets through the clouds sufficiently, I'l take a pic for you. :)

Thanks for the reply. I'd be interested in seeing any pictures.

Not an easy beast to photograph!
It is tiny, my eyesight is not what it was, and even with my glasses on I can't tell what is going to come out or not. My apologies for taking so long to get this done - and for doing it so badly. I can answer any questions you may have about it, which might help you decide if it's your great-great-grandfather's work. :)


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