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Stuart Strathearn and 1960s Caithness

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Hi Frank

Here is a little Stuart Strathearn vase I picked up (marked), 4” high with acid etched ‘wild rose’ or ‘poppy’ pattern?

Also are you interested in Caithness hollowware on this forum, I mean the really early pieces with labels?

Here are two early 1960s bits by Domhnall O’Broin – or so most sources say, they may well have been designed by another.

Note the early paper labels have slight differences.

Vase in light smoke colour, 9” tall

Bowl in a subtle shade of purple, 4.25” tall

The limited edition vases that came later are great but I love the simplicity and subtle colours of these early pieces.


Adam P

Adam, is the bottom one neodymium glass?

Hi Anne

I am sure Caithness never made neodymium glass (to the best of my knowledge).

This is strange bowl you mention, as I have it in my hands at the moment it is a pale blue - it's only in strong sunshine that the purple comes out.

The tall vase is a bit funny that way as well, at the moment it is light brown, when photographing I had trouble as it kept on going a smoky blue colour - I eventually toned the colour down in photoshop (I am now thinking why did I do that LOL).

I think the colours are so subtle that they take strong light to bring them out.


Adam P :D  :D

Adam you've just described neodymium glass to a T  :lol: . Purple in daylight and blue under fluorescent lighting. Lots of Caithness lilac glass seems to be neodymium. I also think the blue/brown thing might be another rare earth effect.

Hi Adam, yes I need Caithness glassware too see,4602.0.html


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