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contemporary glass sculpture type thingy pilchuck school sty



if you go to the mystery pattern glass page there I have this mystery seaform(ish) style glass thing I got at a thrift shop today. I am around seattle so it isn't impossible that this might be from the pilchuck school but I don't really know it isn't signed. the bottoms are all polished and cut. it's obviously high quality. I don't think it's meant to be standing but I am not sure. I think maybe it at one time had a larger glass form to go around what I have. but I don't know. what do you guys think? Should it be up right or tilted over, missing larger piece or whole as it is. there are five pieces to it now. has anyone seen anything like this before? These are not the best pics in the world of it either. I don't have a set up to make a contemporary piece like this look quite at home.

No ideas, such pieces can be a real pain and you need a photograph to reassemble them.

We have a multi-piece sculpture that has to be taken apart whenever we move and nine times out of ten, in the chaos of moving, you can never find that photo. But as the artist said when I asked for a copy of a photo - it does not matter, if it will go together in a different order that is fine, just put it together with your heart and it will be correct - whatever order.

Hopefully, someone will recognise it for you, but you could also email the picture of it dissembled to Pilchuck for their opinion.


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