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It's that green Jobling celery again!


Bernard C:
I received Judith Miller's newish book 20th Century Glass for my birthday on Friday, and was amused to see that green Jobling celery yet again.   Yes, exactly the same picture! ... except the value has rocketed, from £50–70 in 1999 to £150–250 in 2004.   Good Opalique examples don't fetch that much.

Useful book, excellent on stylish cut glass, complementing Benson & Hayhurst, heavily influenced, one presumes, by Jeanette herself, and a useful two-page spread on pâte-de-verre, illustrated by 16 examples.

Not essential, but could be handy on occasions.

Bernard C.  8)

Bernard C:
and more.....

Aladin French fairs and markets guide, June 2006 edition, p78, has a review of the French edition of Judith Miller's book, La Verre du XXe Siecle, translated by Julie Erstein.   At least French readers will get to know and love that green Jobling celery!

Bernard C.  8)

A nice opalesent example


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