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I have several items with the "butterfly" mark which I have always been lead to believe are Baccarat but I keep seeing references to Hoffman in association with this mark???? I have also seen a listing that said Sabino??
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You are not wrong, Heinrich Hoffmann, Gablonz (now Jablonec nad Nisou) used this emblem as a mark and several variants are known.

Baccarat, used paper labels, from 1860-1936 (Jackson, "20th Century Factory Glass") which consisted of line drawings of three pieces of glass.

Images would help in eliminating makers.

Le Casson

Hoffmann are the only glassworks to use the butterfly without text or other design elements. Muller Frere and Daum used the butterfly as part of the mark.

Baccarat never used a butterfly in any references I have.

I don't mean a butterfly as a seperate mark but incorporated in the design as in this box, listed as baccarat in antiques trade gazzette. You cannot make it out from this picture but there is a butterfly in the bottom right hand corner, i know because i have one.

Also which Hoffman would we be talking about.

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Heinrich Hoffmann. Have a look at Pamela's site, third set of pictures down. Click to see large picture


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