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New finds plus one old puzzler

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Anne E.B.:
I'm really pleased with these three, found over the last week or so...

#1.  Really heavy trefoil green bowl encased in clear.  A real beauty.  Torn between Czech and Scandinavian, but leaning towards Czech.  Any ideas please?

#2.  Green bulbous shape vase -  8½"high, with a very narrow neck which flares out to a beautifully finished rim which is angled.  Leaning towards Scandinavian on this - perhaps Gullaskruf?  Small but beautiful :P

#3.  Sommerso bowl - red and pale blue.  Could be Murano, but haven't seen one like this colour combination, so perhaps Scandinavian?

Last of all, the puzzler :?   I've had this for quite some time. Its a bit of a beast weighing 2kg, 7½" high.  The base is circular, but the vase becomes oval in shape as it rises.   Polished pontil mark on the base.  Very art deco and an amazing colour which the camera doesn't capture. Age associated wear on base.   Not Whitefriars, but a quality piece what ever it is.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated :P
Thank you :wink:

What lovely pieces of glass Anne ...  I'll offer my opinion to start the ball rolling :-).  The green bulbous vase reminds me alot of the Arthur Percy designed vases for Gullaskruf (as you suggest) the only thing making me wonder if it's not is the unusually flared rim.  I've had a few in different colours but the rims didn't flare out to quite such an extent.  The last item reminds me alot of a blue Wuidart vase I once owned (it was stickered) - however, having looked at the top view of yours I don't think mine was quite as thick.  The others I don't know but I think they're gorgeous anyway. Not very helpful I know but I try  :roll:

1) Czech probably Chribska -
yes I know I have this company on the brain but they made a lot of glass over a very long period in this general style and most of it exported.
Now Marcus will probably tell me I'm wrong which is fine if so

2)There seem to be so many of these around that I suspect the Italians made some of them.

3) Yes Murano
This color combo could indicate Cenedese but check with the heavyweights on the Murano board.

4) Curious piece - I'm clueless - deserves it's own topic !

Anne E.B.:
Thank you Pip and Peter for your comments - much appreciated

Peter - I'll post the red and blue on the Murano board as you suggest and I'll give the green hooped one its own topic.  It's gorgeous isn't it.  I'll do some additional pics. tomorrow when the light is better.

Pip - I did initially think of Percy, but I'm afraid he's the first one that comes to my mind when I do see anything remotely resembling this one. :P  :roll:

Aseda did a thin necked vase similar to your green one Anne...not sure the very top was like yours though...ah well...worth a try!   :)

Here's one from Vidfletch's Yahoo site:

His main site:

Apologies for long links.   :oops:


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