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A pear and a dish with a something...

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Please be gentle, I 'm new at this..

I recently bought 4 items of glass just on the grounds that I liked them. There are 2 glass swans - of which there will be more in a seperate post.

I'm just interested to know a little bit more about the other two items I bought.

Firstly I have a solid glass pear (A paperweight I guess) it.s heavy about 4 inches high with a series of "bubbles" inside.  There are no marks that I can see.  Can anyone point me in a direction of a maker?

My first attempt at a photo is below... (I should have ironed the pillowcase!)

Secondly.. I have a small glass dish - heavy and about 4 inches across.. in a clear and amber/brown colour. It comes with a "spooney/dippery/pestley" thing in amber glass.. It's quite beautiful, but what is it for.  My inital thought was that it was a honey serving dish... a frind at work suggested a little mortar and pestle... is either suggestion on the right line?  And any idea of a maker?

My grateful thanks in advance

Steve (In Liskeard - Cornwall)

Nice opening, Steve - well done with photos and all.
I am sure someone will chime in and recognise your pear. Pears have been made by many glass makes (including, I am sure, by Liskeard!)  as this is one of the easier items to produce.

As for you trilobe ashtray with matching stub snubber, 95 % certain it is from Murano.

If the leaves are applied and if it has a bit that goes inwards on the base I might guess either Murano or Chinese.

These are quite heavy.

I have seen a similar pear weight with bubbles like yours and with polished or grounded bases. The leaves are exacly the same as my weights. I think this could be Murano or Chinese too. The bubbles were not evenely spaced apart.  :)

Is indeed polished.. the bubbles aren't even all the way round.. and I think you may be right and the leaves are applied to the body of the pear (If applied = made seperatly and stuck on to the top?)

Applied is an appropriate term. The leaves can also be described as lamp-work, made by hand in a flame.


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