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Newbie! Hi ID help needed please


Great message board!!

I was wondering if anyone could help me ID this drinking glass. It's an opaque green colour with a thin white lining to it, and a twisted detail to the stem. I'm thinking its European probably Scandanavian and probably mid C20th but don't really know. Take a look and let me know what you think any opinions or info most welcome. Thanks Kath


inside/white lining:


As Italian as it gets, not Murano but from the Florence/ Empoli region; made circa 1960s, but could be later.
A tip on photography: stand away a little further and use the zoom, chances are your focus will be better. And the more light, the sharper. Best light is outside.

Ivo, Thank You so much..on both accounts. It's great to know it's Italian I checked a few sites out last night and found some with that same shade of green although I've not found anything with that distinctive shaped bowl. I'm sure if I could find something similar it will lead to an attribution. Shall keep looking. Do you think this would have be a one off designed as a display piece or would be part of a set for use??
Thanks for the photography tips, I've not been happy with the quality for sometime now and in the two yrs I've had the camera never used the zoom as I did not know how !!!  :oops: Lost the instructions ages ago but got on Kodak site this morning and found it out in about 5mins!! So thanks for giving me the push I needed there. Silly me.

Well done on the pics Kath
These were made as decorative items in many shapes, sizes and colors and in fairly large quantities in the 1960's.

To find the exact maker of yours would be a miracle. There were many competing companies in that area often doing similar types of stuff. Glass from this region is not much researched as generally made for the mass market.

If you like this type of (cased) glass look for the better quality items with a very white very opaque inner layer, good weight and good finishing. It's hard to tell the better ones from the others in pics but see items from these companies : Moretti, Holmegaard, Alsterfors  

Here's a selection of mainly Italian, mainly better quality items (the green one is not so good). Exact makers for these also mainly unknown except for the ones with labels.

see also here
and the other "Cased Gass" pages on the same site.

Thanks Pete,
Since Ivo reply the other day I've spent many many hrs checking outall the info on here about Italian esp empoli glass and following up on all relevent links. These is an absolute wealth of info on here which is great for me. I know a little about glass but not in any detail (at the moment) but really want to learn more so it great to find a place where there are so many well informed people willing to share their knowledge.
 I shall probably be listing this on the usual auction site next week so iI'll will be interested to see how it goes.
Thanks for the pics, I find something peacefully elegant about cased glass especially when grouped. The vm link has some stunning examples, I went through the whole site a couple of days ago!!! Cheers for your reply Kathryn


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