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Glashütte Löhnberg


Anyone know anything about Glashütte Löhnberg

Glashütte Löhnberg des Glaswerk Wertheim <Löhnheim>


these are possibly battery rest insulators, not as suggested. They also have a lot of glasses in auction.

Nothing in Haanstra or Hartmann, nothing useful googles.

When were/are they operating and what is their range?

Hi Frank,
Glashutte Lohnberg, appear to have be around before and after WWII. The range of glass appears to include laboratory and domestic pieces.

There is an internet reference to a exiled Sudeten German engineer by the name of Zippe, whose re-located company supplied glass-making equipment to Glaswerk Wertheim.

Allegedly still a small family company, run by the Zippes, it might be worth asking them what they know. Certainly, little other info on-line.



Thanks Marcus, so it is likely that these are battery rests going by their production range and period.


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