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picture library for T/Webb colours.

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David E:

--- Quote ---Look forward to seeing a piece of green from the 'Bristol Blue' range, from someone.]Look forward to seeing a piece of green from the 'Bristol Blue' range, from someone.
--- End quote ---

Unsurprisingly it was called 'Bristol Green'  ;)

But I thought Keith had a piece of this?

If you still have your light green, test it under UV. My Spring green is definitely uranium but a non-U version might point to a later period

Paul S.:
As per the caption, my light green pieces do glow well :).          I had confused myself - not difficult - by looking at the CH reproduction of the factory catalogue showing Spring - which looks rather different to what you see in the flesh.        However, think you've answered the question, insofar as my light green is indeed Spring.

Unfortunately, the author's caption to this catalogue page is keen to mention that sunshine amber is loaded with uranium, but makes no mention of this aspect when speaking of evergreen and spring.

So, we're waiting on Keith then for Bristol green ;D

Had a bit of trouble getting the colour right on the green jug but a bit of help from the 'gimp' programme helped, ;D ;D , couple more to follow....

..few more,  ;D


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