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picture library for T/Webb colours.

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Couple more whoppers,11.75 high and the bowl 12,25 across, ;D ;D

Paul S.:
Hi Keith  -  I just didn't realize the size of some of this factory's pieces  -  yesterday I saw some very tall vases patterned with those oval shaped slightly indented lenses.   I'm beginning to think their range was almost limitless :)

Lots I think, few more here... ;D

Paul S.:
I've not seen this plate elsewhere - in fact I don't know if the factory did plates as a general rule - but it's attractive - I did post it some two or three years back.
The design - created entirely on the underside - has been cut to clear, but not entirely sure how the 'hammered' effect was produced  -  it might have been the result of a mould process, but not sure.    The surface texture of each hammered blob is very grainy/gritty, but quite bright and shiny.          There isn't any sign of a a pontil scar or depression.
Diameter is about 7.75" (200 mm), and the factory backstamp is what the books describe as c. 1935 - 49, the small fully circular one.

Very nice, can't see I've seen a Webb plate before, just about everything else though, ::) ;D ;D


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