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picture library for T/Webb colours.

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No plates in the 77 catalogue I digitised. Cannot access the earlier catalogues (30s and 1957) right now but they do state tableware as one of their products so plates should be there! Glanced at all the Webb material I have digitised but no plates. Did notice Duroven (Their Pyrex version) in 1949, quite distinctive designs in opaque 'Snow White'.

Unmarked cameo plate here

Paul S.:
I wasn't seeing mine as  'tableware' in the usual sense of the word - I'd always thought it looked too decorative to be that, but fashions and tastes change so who knows  -  makes me think of a Celtic cross.
In fact thinking back now, don't believe it was me that showed the plate originally  -  it was posted by a woman from one of the charity shops, who had been given three, I think, and she was asking for some information so that they could be sold with at least an approximate date and some details about the maker.

So I emailed and asked if I might buy one, to which she agreed  -  think now I should have bought all that she had  -  from the comments so far plates may well be less common than we thought. 

Noticed the comment about how big some Webb items are.  I have this "magnum" decanter which I assume would cope with two full bottles.  It is huge.  The stopper is bigger and heavier than most perfumes.  The engraving is of what I assume to be J-class yachts.


 This may be of interest..............  mention of colours.,57285.msg324576.html#msg324576

An interesting bowl in blue/clear with controlled bubbles.

New message from: earthfind (568Purple Star)
Hi Ross, that's fine by me. If it contributes to a glass data base / resource, that can be only good for glass collectors. Take care and thanks for your interest.
Regards Chris.

I belong to a great resource called the Glass Message Board - if you don't know it it's free and very worthwhile for a glass lover to join - simply Google it.

One of the projects is to collect examples of coloured Webb Crystal. There are none like your and I would like permission(which is required by GMB rules) to publish your photos onto the Board.

Thanks in anticipation, Ross.

PS. I have lots of Webb myself but your piece is too large for what I want to collect. Sorry.


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