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Some New P/W Czech (Sklo) Buys

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Some p/w Czech glass I bought recently while involved in debate ‘Chalet or Czech’

František Vizner long vase or jardinière 1961, 6.2” long, 4.2” high

Small Sklo Union vase, 3.3” high

Harrtil bowl, 5” across, 2.4” high

Here is a giggle (Marcus) link  

Better image of previously posted bowl

Beautiful Sklo Union Paperweight in neodymium with bubbles perfectly balanced & as good as any piece of Caithness. 3.6” high and almost bullet shaped it has a yellow export label.  

I think this medium sized bowl is Sklo – can you confirm this Marcus?

This small ashtray bowl has been seen before. It has perfect controlled bubbles and is a blue case in pink. Often attributed to Murano I feel it is Czech, what do others think

Rudolf Jurnikl 'cog' bowl for Rudolfova Hut 1970s

Thanks everyone

Adam P

I'd be interested to know about the medium bowl as I've had one in amber. I thought mine was an ashtray though. How big is it, please?

Hi Tiger

The bowl is 6" diam, 1" high - but I am sure I have seen smaller and larger ones

Looks to me the neodymium PW is ZBS; the blue bowl is TTBOMK Finnish (Toikka); the nailmould ashtray Murano.

Anne E.B.:
Great buys Adam 8)

Good to see another paperweight like mine - with the same sticker.   "Neodymium" - is that the curious bluey/green tinge that can be seen in it?  Fantastically tactile piece of glass and beautifully made I agree I got it as a swap - but I think I came off better.

Ivo - sorry to be so thick - but what is ZBS?  :oops:

On a lighter note, I've just seen a small Sklo Union vase similar to yours shown,  but identical to one I showed previously with internal ridges, described as a Victorian/Edwardian eye bath on eBay.


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