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Lifetime collection needs loving home

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Hi Guys,

My Grandmother  was a life-long collector of glassware but sadly she passed away.

She was massive collector and one of her collections she left me was her glass collection.

Being honest I have 2 children that would soon reduce it to rubble so I thought I best pass it on to some of her fellow glass lovers.

I stuck an auction up on ebay but Iím not sure the glass loving community are finding the listing as its still at 0.99p and it would absolutely gall me to allow something she put time and dedication into all her life going for less than the can of an energy drink.

If you search for: Large eclectic collection of glassware

It should be the only hit. If you guys are not interested if you could pelase pass this on to anyone you think it may be of interest to.

Many many thanks

David E:
Welcome to GMB, however, this post should really be in the Glass Marketplace. This area is really for glass study and will not get the same sort of audience.

Paul S.:
hi Billip - sorry to hear of the loss of your Gran - I remember mine with immense affection, so can understand your wish not to 'give away' these things for which she had such passion.

However, we have to be realistic, and collectors will not appreciate those sentiments you obviously have for her possessions.     Modern coloured glass is not my area, but I don't see anything there that will cause collectors to have sleepless nights, and it's probably unrealistic to expect one buyer to want all of Gran's glass.
My opinion would be that weighed against the possible total sale value, the costs of packing and postage etc., might well mean that you are not be looking at much return.
May I make a suggestion - just my personal opinion you understand - but had you considered donating these pieces to a charity shop  -  a charity that might have held some meaning for Gran - did she have a cat or dog for example - in which case perhaps you might consider the RSPCA.
At least this way, there might be some satisfaction that Gran's lifelong passion would be directed to a good cause.

Whatever happens I wish you luck. :)

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the replies.

I  did consider giving these to charity but I did not know the worth, for all I know about glass there is a masterpiece amongst them.

My sister got roughly £4,000 worth of jewellery so I suspected there was something of value in the collection as we were equally close to my Grandmother.

C'est la vie


At least its going for more than a can of energy drink now!

If you search for: 201071974020

I can now buy 21 energy drinks!


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