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Juice glasses with painted decoration ID


Hello all,

Below are photos of juice glasses I got from a friend. They were in her family and she thought they came from The Netherlands. Has anyone seen glasses like this before? Each glass is painted with a different image. They measure 3-1/2" tall and hold about 4 ounces. I was wondering if they were tourist souvenirs.

Someone told me they thought they were jelly jars that once you empied them became glasses. I doubt that because the rims are painted with a border. If a lid were on there and removed it would scratch the paint and none are scratched.

Many thanks for any help, Marie

Full glass
Back of glass
Close up of bubbles
Group shot

These are probably 19th century but on no account later than the 1920s - especially with the quality of the glass and the unfinished circular pontil.  I also do not believe they have anything to do with "national dress"-  I see no clogs or Swiss flags (it's a duck); I think it may be a series of professions, perhaps regional costumes.
This style of hot enamel decoration was made in various countries, not just in Bohemia but also in northwest France, in Silesia, in Tirol, in Bavaria and in the Cologne area. These were made for drinking white wine.

These are wonderful, Ivo is right on age and great examples of folk art to boot.

Wow, thanks Frank and Ivo! The friend I got them from told me she thought they were mid 19th century. But that was a family story and you know how they go!

I appreciate everyone taking the time to look at these for me.


The adventure continues...

This post came from an antiques newsgroup:
When I was looking at your glasses, I realized that they looked very
familiar.  I have a toothpick holder that is made from the same light
green glass with ramdom bubbles and painted in a very simular way.
Although my toothpick holder is painted with little orange and white
flowers with light green leaves it has the identical stripes that are
on the glasses.  On the bottom is stamped "Made in Czecheslovakia."



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