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Newbie! Trying to ID a small glass bowl.


Apologies.  I know you must get innumerable such requests. I hope the images come out OK because it is the first time I have done that too. :D

It is a small glass bowl 14cm in diameter and 8cm deep. Origin is Swedish early 1990s. I thought it was Orrefors but I know nothing about these things.
Hand painted with daffodils.

Initialed on the bottom "UHV/AP" (I think)

Thanks HeD

Bill G:
Your small bowl is designed by Ulrica Hydman Vallien at Åfors Glasbruk which is part of Kosta Boda Group.

She is famous in Sweden for this type of design. The Swedes call this
design tulips.

Wow! Talk about fast.  

Many thanks Bill.  That was faster than a google search. (Which I had already tried and found nothing)


I may be pushing my luck here. I can see the UHV part but do you know what the AP stands for?


BTW. Once I searched on "Ulrica Hydman Vallien Åfors Glasbruk" there were dozens of hits.  Including some pictures of the lady herself. Easy when someone shows you how. Thanks again.

Apologies not needed, this is what we do here, welcome :)

We all expand our horizons here, no matter what we know we are all learning new things here each day.


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