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Whitefriars yard ale question

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Hi me again, my charity shop has one of these yard ale's which it would like to sell.

It is clear glass and 3ft long with a "Full Lead Crystal" label. It also has a box but the flap is missing from the top and the bottom is sellotaped up.

Question 1: What should the original box look like? This one is the usual cardboard box kind of box with large staples to join it. No marks whatsoever. The Yard ale is held in the box by two yellow sponges and they fit perfectly in the box as does the yard ale itself.

Question 2: A clear one has sold recently for £40. Will the box (if original) and sticker increase the price at all?

Thanks.  :)

It was quite common to use plain boxes for many makers - it is quite expensive to have boxes made to size and if you add printing you need a large quantity to make it economical.

If their value is going down it means people doubt they are genuine or all who want one have one. Go for 100 is my suggestion.

Hi Tiger  :D   It's unclear from your posting if you mean it's got a Whitefriars sticker or not.

There was a lot of these yards of ale about at one time (70's?) and I'm not sure Whitefriars were the only makers.

They would be very happy to get that amount or even half that amount. There are a few Whitefriars collector's that comes in, I'll stick £100 on it and see how it goes. :D

Thanks Frank.  :D

Yes, sorry Max, it's got a black and white Whitefriars sticker saying "Full Lead Crystal", as seen on

While someone was cleaning it I spotted the Whitefriars sticker. I litterally jumped off my seat shouting "Whitefriars" and I also did the Victor Meldrew impression (I don't Believe it!).

Before all this someone had stuffed it in a corner and we kept knocking it over as we passed it.  :shock:


--- Quote ---Before all this someone had stuffed it in a corner and we kept knocking it over as we passed it.
--- End quote ---

You have a great way with words!   :lol:  :lol:   I'm glad it's got the proper WF sticker...lovely find!  xx


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