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I recently saw an ad for a pair of vases with the moulded France 81 underneath. I have this ame pair of cut glass vases only mine have France 3 and France 19 respectively. I have been looking fro French glass manufacuters whose work resembles mine( the closest being the vases made by Val Sanit Lambert however how can I authenticate their origin.

Hi welcome to this board

Can you post pictures of your vases - this would help greatly (see the 'how to post a picture' thread)


Adam P

Most likely Cristal d'Arques, part of ARC International.
Please post a photo to confirm.
They are unlikely to be cut.
Val St Lambert is located in Belgium.

dear Pete and Adam,
thanks for the prompt reply. My vases are exactly the same as those on the decodame
however mine seem to be number 3 and 19 as opposed to 81


If you mean the "Pair of french art deco vases ruby and clear geometric design", these have been discussed here:,3191.0.html.


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