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Yes thanks for the information. My vases are the same. I do really like though and only paid a pittance for them so I'll be pleased to hang on to them.

They are nice vases

As previously discussed they go for under £10 a pair - I see them quite often.

Decodame's $200.00 price tag is very misleading and quite distressing, I can't stand the idea that someone might buy them at that price :evil:

However, I am powerless over these web stores - I don't bother emailing them any more :roll:

Adam P

I not only find the prices disturbing( although I suppose price is so subjective) but as a recent collector I find the misleading information a nuisance. Part of the joy of collecting is not just obtaining an object but with the whole history that surrounds a particular item, the company history, designer and the influences on them all make the item more precious and worthy of keeping. I'm very pleased to have discovered this site. Thanks for your generosity in sharing information.


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