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Paul ADK:
Today my wife and I purchased six large cartons of older pressed glass that had been sitting in an attic for many years.  Now comes the fun part of trying to identify it all.  We have all three of Florence's Pattern Identification Guides as well as Identifying Pattern Glass Reproductions by Jenks,Luna and Reilly.

We have been home four hours now and have only been able to identify four patterns.  (A sugar and creamer made by Indiana Glass for Montgomery Wards in 1949, is the only one of the four that appears to have been manufactured later than the 1920's.)  Many of the items look to be "one off" rather than part of a set - large bowls, fancy centerpieces, ash trays, and things of that nature I could swear are not to be found in the books we presently own.  Any suggestion as to other books that might be helpful, would be greatly appreciated.

Well quite a challenge I must say. The Florence books deal with depression glass and it could be possible that some of the glass is earlier. Here is where you would be getting into EAPG. The Jenks Luna book is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to EAPG. They have another called Early American Pattern glass 1850-1910. Another good one is Helen McCain's The collector's encyclopedia of Pattern glass. This book consists of line drawings and is divided into chapters that feature the main element of a design. So say you have a piece with circles as the main feature, you look in the section marked circles. Be prepared though it can make you blurry eyed after a time.
Photos would be a great help because then we would know exactly what period to look at. Terry

Paul ADK:
Thanks Terry, that will give us a place to start.

Bill Edwards & Mike Carwile "Standard Encyclopaedia of Pressed Glass", second edition 1860-1930, 366 pages with 5 ot 6 items per page in full colour is highly recommended.

There is a website dedicated to correcting mistakes in EAPG books. You can view it as a guest (use guest as ID and guest as password - as per the instructions given). I have heard it said (allegedly) that the E&C books are full of mistakes; the website throws up 138.



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