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Kosta Unik 1280 and KOSTA V. LINDSTRAND U. 1280


Bit puzzled on this one.

Current ebay auction

Old Bukowski auction

these aren't the same piece, but clearly connected via the signature.

Could anyone (Bill ?) please entighten me as to the difference between Unik and U, and how these two bits would have been related ?


Bill G:
The term "unik" means one of a kind or unique in English

The U refers to a series created by Vicke Lindstrand at Kosta Boda
in a series signed LU for the series Unica beginning with 2001.

This series includes host, vinter, vår, and sommer and the Abstrata
forms. Words mean, Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.

The LU series were not limited to one and were produced in volumes.

On a similar line, several years ago I purchased a kosta seaweed paperweight, clearly signed kosta lindstrand, and a number.

About 3 weeks ago I purchased another, but this time signed kosta Warff and a number.

I think the seaweed range was designed by Lindstrand - so is having a piece signed by warff somthing to be worried about, or is this quite normal? :?



Bill, thanks

Just to check I've understood this:

The LU series goes back to the 50's, and were a series of Unica pieces (I read somewhere that they were unica because the method of manufacture meant each had a slightly different pattern, or something - but basically each was slightly different). There was a later series in 2001 called Unica which were signed U.

what particularly puzzled me was that one of these is (apparently) signed "Kosta Unik 1280", and the other is signed "KOSTA V. LINDSTRAND U. 1280 " - so the Ebay piece could have been the original Unique piece which then spawned the U series (given the same number) ?

my interest, other than curiousity, is understanding what this piece is I bought recently.


Bill G:
The forms in the Unica series from the 1950's were hand blown and each have individual characteristics depending on the master who made the work, etc..

I was not aware Kosta reissued V. Lindstrand glass in 2000. I will contact
them to confirm whether this was done.

All the series produced in the 2000's which appear in their sales catalogs have seven numbers or five numbers for each item.


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