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Afrikaans ashtray, c.1935, needing ID of Building

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David E:
Max has just sent to me a fascinating pressed glass ashtray (thanks Max!  :D), made by Chance and seemingly for an Afrikaans customer.

EDIT UPDATE: Max bought it from eBay Canada

Embossed on the top lip is the following wording:

It would appear VERVAARDIG is Afrikaans for 'made', but I'd welcome anyone else's thoughts.

In the centre is a building:

See links below for more detailed photos.

View 2:
Building close-up:
Chance signature:

Can anyone identify this? Possibly a hotel?

With regard to date I would suggest mid-1930s due to the style, but it shouldn't be later than 1953, and probably represents an early piece of promotional glassware produced by the company.


that is the Voortrekker Monument, in Pretoria, South Africa, and was inaugurated on 16 December 1949 to commemorate the Great Trek and the Voortrekkers
The trekkers were those who, in wagons pretty much like those used to move west in the USA, moved north from Cape Town and colonised South Africa

Here is a link to the history

VERVAARDIG is Afrikaans for "manufactured" and so your piece says "manufactured in England"
It may have been produced in 1949 at the opening of the Monument

Previously part of the British Commonwealth, South Africa became a
Republic in 1961, so it is unlikely to have been made after that in England.


ps I originate from South Africa

David E:
Hi Cheri,

Many thanks for the super-fast response. Marvellous that I can find out about such an obscure subject [for someone in England] so quickly - power of the Internet! Thanks also for all the accompanying data. :D

I was completely wrong about the date though, so I'm pretty certain this was indeed a commemorative item dating to 1949. Going from the style I could have sworn mid-1930s: just goes to show... :oops:

Not surprising, it is a very Deco monument

Great photos David!  Much better than I could have taken.

Thanks Cheri (sounds a bit over familiar! lol) for your help!   :D  :D


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