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A paperweight I've been wondering about for a while

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This came in a couple years ago as part of a multi-generational consignment of antiques and collectibles. There were several other weights, including a nice Clichy millefiori, that I was able to identify. Couldn't quite figure this one out. It measures 2 inches in diameter, and 1 inch high. Polished, concave base.


Hi. It is antique, probably French rather than NEGC or Sandwich.  My first thought would be Saint-Louis, as they made a single pear with 3 leaves in roughly the same layout, though the leaves have more in common with Baccarat style!  But a nice antique mini fruit, whoever made it.


In my book on old French weights there are examples of saint- Louis pear and a baccarat peach and this one seems to be a blend of the two,interestingly it also mentions st-louis made glass door knobs in this style.


Hi.  I suspect that the makers did not always get the shape quite correct, so there are some rather strange fruit like the one above that are a bit difficult to define as a 'pear', 'apple', 'peach' or 'apricot' !  I have what I suspect was a decanter stopper with two cherries and what looks like a lemon that has had a slice taken off - no doubt for gin and tonic. ;D

I have seen fruit doorknobs from several makers - including more recent Murano ones.


Interesting stuff Alan,i've just found a section on fruits in weights and backs up your comments on the variation,especially in strawberries apparently.


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