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Are Chinese makers putting Murano labels on weights?

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I've seen some recently that I'm pretty sure are Chinese, but they have red labels that read made in Murano. Here's an example:

I think it has been mentioned. Some Chinese sites have their pieces listed as Murano/Scandinavian to buy in their hundreds. Unscrupulous people are buying them and adding a label. Not sure which side this is being done east or west lol.

Also, there are shops on mainland Italy and on Murano that sell Chinese items labelled as "Murano".

Search the Board for "chirano" for more information.

I guess paperweights are no different than any other area of life. Scams aplenty. Oh, and I sent a message to that seller who ignored me.

I'm not sure if this is the same seller, but a few weeks back there was a seller with a number of these listed and it was clearly the same label with the same creases and tears around the edge peeled off and applied to each Chinese weight for the photos.



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