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an undefined label

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Frank (thank you!) was good enough to place it here for me - I'm still hopelessly lost in these things  :roll:

any ideas? very welcome - thank you !  :D

Hi Pamela,
The colours are different, but the label is the same as a Walther label which I have on a solifleur vase.
As you know, I am not at home until Monday, so I can't post a picture of mine, yet.

{{{{{Hugs}}}}} :D

Della thank you - more than happy to meet you here these times!
You shall overcome and your daughter tooooooo!
{ :) }

Thank you Pamela. :D  :D XX

I have found the old link where I placed my Walther solifleur vases.
It is tinypic, but the link still works.
I try to upload it to yobunny, but no such luck. Maybe Frank could do that for me, as I don't know how. Failing that I will place it on Anne's website when I get back, but for now:

You can see the label very clearly.
I hope that I am seeing things clearly and that they are the same, only different colours. :oops:



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