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Glass Rotary Ball Inkwell


Paul ADK:
Todays finds included a very nice black (purple) glass rotary ball inkwell with a plastic (Bakelite?) gray "tortoise shell" cap.  The inkwell is embossed Property of the U.S.Navy.  It was manufactured by Zephyr American Corp., New York, N.Y; the brand name is  Swivodex, and the patent was pending.

I believe this type inkwell predates World War II, but  wondered if anyone could help me pin the date down a bit better.


I can't help but a while ago I was researching pens and other writing memorabilia and found a dealer in USA who seemed to be very good.  He was more geared to Parker pens but likely has a wider knowledge.  NOW of course I have mislaid the details, but if I find them I will post for you.  Otherwise, try a \google search and he will more than likely come up.  I think he was based in New York, so could be closer than you think!  

PS  Try this one I just found

At least they may be able to point you in the right direction!

Paul ADK:
Thanks Emmi!  Jaeger's book, The Write Stuff,  has a color photo of one with a square base (ours is round) at the top of page 105, that is of the same general style as  ours, but then does not have anything substantiative to say about dates, etc.   I like to know more about the items we own, and I find it quite frustrating when authors do that.

Yes ~I know how frustrating that can be.  I think they write on a "slow release" system, hoping you'll buy the next book etc. 10 books later you may get the whole story.  Am I a cynic? Anyway, good luck.  I am sorry I can't help further, but I was only doing a bit of research connected with Parker Pens and their collaboration with Whitefriars glass on desk pen/paperweights when I came across this New York based dealer.  Emmi


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