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Pressed glass stars and circles vase, unknown


I've had this vase for quite a while now. Curiosity got the better of me so here it is.

It measures 10.25 inches high and has four mould lines running up the vase.

Any ideas? Thanks.  :)

It reminds me of some Rindskopf pieces (Czech). The pattern is very similar, and the shape too, but I cannot find the actual item in my catalogues.


Sorry cant help you with the glass, but you've got a nice piece of Victorian gaudy welsh pottery behind it, is it a jug and bowl?

Thanks for looking Glen, quite a nice big piece it is too.  8)

That's a fake (probably Chinese) jug and bowl behind it in the style of Masons with a dragon handle. My dad bought it thinking it was the real thing. It has an "Ironstone China" mark.


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